Screen-Printing Basics

  • The price is determined by the number of colours and size of the print design, as well as the number of items to be printed.
  • Cost effective for larger designs, such as on the back of a shirt, or large logo on the front of a Tee Shirt.
  • Extremely cost effective for volume runs and when requiring cost effective branding on promotional items.
  • Screen printing may fade or wear over time.

Screen-Printing Prices

As prices for Screen Printing depend on 3 factors, the number of colours, design size and the quantity being printed, it is impossible to list all possible price options, however we have listed some of the main combinations below as examples.

Minimum cost effective printing run is 25 garments; the prices shown below are the printing charges for quantities of 25, 50 & 100 garments, these include Set-up & Film Charges, but do not include any artwork charges should they apply.

Please contact us for prices for other quantities and colour options.

Quantity to be Printed




Small 1 Colour print – Suitable chest print




Small 2 Colour print




Large 1 Colour print – Suitable T-Shirt back print




Large 2 Colour print